Asteroid Sighting

Asteroid shooting across skyThe Asteroid Belt Almanac celebrated its launch yesterday, at a great event put together by the publishers, The Head & the Hand Press. Great venue too – Indy Hall, a loft-style co-working space in Old City Philadelphia for tech workers, startups and other creative folks.

I’m so happy to be part of this forward-thinking project. This beautiful little Almanac re-imagines Benjamin Franklin’s iconic format, bringing together contributors who share an interest in the intersection of technology and science with our lives today. There are essays (including mine), a graphic novel script, some actual science fiction, art and more. In a nod to the old almanac form, this one even includes a guide to 2014 meteor showers, and a Weather Glossary – but this one’s geared toward climate change literacy. (Do you know what anvil zits are?) Really, it’s a must have!

You can order the Asteroid Belt Almanac direct from The Head & the Hand, or from Amazon.

Three Almanac contributors, l-r: Christine Neulieb, me in my vintage Star Trek uniform, and Sarah Grey
Nic Esposito, founder of H&H
Nic Esposito, founder of The Head & The Hand Press

6 thoughts on “Asteroid Sighting”

  1. Nice! I saw the announcement but didn’t know you were in this, or at least forgot! Congratulations and may the asteroids pass close, but not too.

    Hope you’re doing well


    — / media art

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